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International Trip Planning
Trust. The key ingredient in any International Trip Planning relationship. Just like the trust pilots place in Jeppesen's Worldwide Instrument Charting, you can count on caring, professional people who work with you personally to ensure your needs are met.

Jeppesen has offered International Trip Planning for 30 years, and has served the aviation community for over 75 years! The word is out, and pilots the world over are finding out what personalized service really means.

As you would expect, Jeppesen has established cooperative relationships with virtually every government in the world. These relationships allow us to obtain the latest information first hand, and therefore, serve you more effectively. Our reputation allows us access to the most professional in-country representatives as part of the Jeppesen global offering. Of course, a key part of the Jeppesen worldwide team is our offices in Frankfurt, London, China, Australia, Moscow, San Jose and Denver, allowing us to provide around-the-clock service.

What Makes Jeppesen's International Trip Planning Service Unique?

One Source for all your International Trip Planning needs.

Only Jeppesen can offer everything you need for your next trip. No matter what your requirements -- permits, ground handling, fuel, Airway Manual trip kits, flight plans, weather and NOTAM information or virtually anything else -- Jeppesen is the true One Source provider.

Itinerary, Route and Fuel Planning

Our expertise lies in knowing the ins-and-outs of international operations. Let our trip planners assist you in planning your itinerary by taking into consideration:

  • Aircraft performance and range limitations
  • Current known political status and security issues
  • Timing and ease of obtaining permits and slots, where required
  • Airport suitability for aircraft type and services available

Overflight and Landing Permits

Many countries require prior clearance to overfly or land in their territory. Jeppesen International Trip Planning maintains close relationships with all civil aviation authorities and key contracted agents in order to obtain these clearances in the shortest time possible. The ever-changing geopolitical scene means that we are constantly monitoring rules and requirements on a country-by-country basis. Jeppesen is your source for up-to-date information.

Jeppesen Handler Network

International operators know that the services of reliable handling agents are essential for a successful trip. The Jeppesen Handler Network provides you with the highest level of ground support service worldwide. Each handler undergoes extensive auditing before joining the network, and then undergoes regular evaluations to ensure continued compliance with Jeppesen's quality standards. Our ground agents provide a full range of services, including expedited customs, ground transport, catering arrangements and security. Jeppesen has established credit facilities with the majority of our handlers, so crews need not carry large amounts of cash. Our experience, as well as that of the ground handlers we utilize, includes providing services for all types of aircraft, from the smallest jet to large, executive and cargo configured airframes.


Jeppesen, in partnership with World Fuel Services, the world's largest independent reseller of aviation fuel, has developed Jeppesen World Fuel Services, a program that offers contract fuel pricing at more than 1500 locations across the globe. Our 24-hour fuel representatives make the process of buying and uplifting jet fuel easy and affordable. Their knowledge of fuel availability and applicable local taxes and fees can assist with the selection of fuel stops and other operational decisions, such as whether or not to tanker fuel. In addition, the Jeppesen World Fuel Services Platinum Card allows for prompt customer validation by the into-plane provider.

Hotel Accommodations

Worried about whether you will find a room at your destination? Jeppesen arranges accommodations for both crew and passengers according to location, room rate, star rating or any other preferences you may have. Many hotels offer aircrew discounts when you present your complimentary Jeppesen aircrew I.D. badge. In addition, as a Boeing company, Jeppesen is able to take advantage of that company's negotiated rates for hotels and commercial air travel.

Computerized Trip Itineraries

Our clear, concise itineraries contain your trip details in a user-friendly format.

Internet Access

By utilizing our International Trip Planning web portal, flight crews, dispatchers and others can obtain trip specific and general operational information. This information includes; current and past trip details, the status of requests for third-party services, airport, ground handler and hotel information and country-specific permit requirements.

Flight Following

Flight Following allows the home office, company dispatch or family members to keep track of the aircraft and passengers' whereabouts. Jeppesen also monitors the flight's departure and arrival times in order to provide updated flight status information to affected downline stations. By doing this, potential delays in service can be avoided.

Airfield Slot Requests

Some of the busiest airports around the world require a slot for the use of their runways. We can obtain a slot from the appropriate local authority that best meets your schedule requirements.

Flight Planning

Our industry-leading flight planning system, JetPlan, incorporates aircraft performance data, navigational information and wind and temperature forecasts to generate a flight plan that achieves maximum fuel optimization through route and profile selection. Since performance can vary from aircraft to aircraft, we utilize specific customer aircraft databases to adjust for a particular airplane's unique characteristics and certifications. The system is also capable of providing such critical information as equal-time-points, depressurization and engine-out computations. Flight plans can be outputted in one of over 400 existing formats. User-defined formats can also be created.

Electronic ATC Flight Plan Filing

This can certainly be a big time saver for the crew. With JetPlan, you can pre-file your flight plan directly with the appropriate air traffic control authority. For flights within Eurocontrol airspace, critical airport slot coordination is handled through the flight plan filing itself. Jeppesen's direct access to Eurocontrol's traffic management system gives us an insight into real-time operations in that region and allows us to identify congested airspace and avoid potential delay situations.

En Route Charge Reports

This exclusive Jeppesen money-saving feature allows you to preview and fly the route with the lowest air navigation charges. The en route charge reports can also assist with trip quotes and act as a post-trip auditing tool against the actual fees issued by the respective civil aviation authorities.

Weather and NOTAMs

Comprehensive weather and NOTAM information, which can be obtained as part of a full enroute briefing or by specific location, is available on a worldwide basis. In addition, Jeppesen has a 24-hour staff of meteorologists who can provide verbal, written and custom weather briefings. Jeppesen NOTAMs are decoded in an easy to read, plain language format by individual airport or Flight Information Region (FIR).


24-Hour Access to our offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. If you need help, have changes, or just have a question, we are there for you. We have all means of communication, including SITA, ARINC, FAX, PHONE, INTERNET, EMAIL and FMS Uplink via AFIS and ACARS.

Air to Ground/Ground to Air Communications. Through our affiliation with the avionics manufacturers, we can provide cockpit communication uplinks for flight planning, weather, clearance delivery, and airborne messaging.

Competitive Pricing. We also have no hidden fees or costly monthly retainers. Trips are billed on a trip-by-trip basis only for the services you need.

Clear and Concise Invoicing. Your accounting department will really appreciate the work that we put into ensuring that invoices are detailed and understandable, including a breakdown of communication charges, especially when there are multiple trips.

Security. If you are worried about the security of your aircraft, we can arrange for a 24 hour security watch. With our in-country connections, we receive the latest information about problems of personal security and pass those warnings on to you.

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